We created the space Love Organic for true lovers of organic cosmetics and for those, who have just started their way into healthy and safe beauty. Here we’ve collected only the best brands of SKINFOOD, that simplifies the choice, as today’s market represents a huge number of organic skin care products, which is not always easy to sort.

On the pages of our boutique, you will find only the best brands of SKINFOOD cosmetics with 95-100% organic compound. Though! Before offering you, we test the product on ourselves during 2-3 months. Only if the product fulfils all the requirements (pure and environment-friendly compound, soft and pleasant application, visible results, modern package design), it will appear on sale. We are also the first organic beauty salon “Alex Sander” in Geneva  where you can receive a whole range of organic care without any danger to your health!


–       We were the first to open “green” boutique in Geneva;

–       We are the first official reseller of all the presented brands;

–       We have been working in the beauty industry for more than 10 years;

–       We offer SKINFOOD cosmetics of exceptionally high quality.







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